Project Catalyst Magazine 2019

Read all about it! Lots of information about trials and many fascinating case studies.

Read all about the water trials run by Bryan and Paula Langdon, and by Adrian Darveniza. The soil trials make interesting reading on the work by the Christofides family and by George and Kathy Henry. Many growers looked at nutrient trials including Richard Kelly, tony Jeppesen, the Deguara family, John and Tracy Muscat and Sergio and Sharon Fighera.
Project Catalyst magazine 2019

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Soil health has been on the decline but new practices are helping to restore and protect soil properties that lead to better yields

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Any good pest adapts, so farmers have to adapt smarter and faster to keep the crops healthy and productive

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Finding the sweet spot for nutrients applied to the crop means very little can be lost to the waterways which is a win for the pocket and for the Great Barrier Reef.

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