Mill Mud Spreaders

Region: Mackay

Fact sheet: Application of mill mud

Grower involved: Gerry Deguara

Mill mud application

Banded mill mud application onto sugar cane was initially developed in the Mackay region by Gerry Deguara as part of his project catalyst activities during the 2009 -10 season. Gerry developed a three-row, tractor drawn mill mud applicator that applied mill mud and/or boiler ash at an application rate of 50 wet tonnes/ha.

The ABCD framework of farming practices for sugar cane identifies filter mill mud application at rates of 50 t/ha, banded onto 3 rows as an A class practice. The  success of the Catalyst project and the subsequent expansion of using the banded application method has delivered a widespread and rapid uptake of an A class practice to growers within many sugar cane growing regions that is deemed to have a positive effect on water quality.