Connecting with growers is the key to sharing the benefits of innovation in farm management practices. Project Catalyst strives to provide a range of opportunities from shed talks to the annual Growers Forum to learn, share and engage with like minds

Project Catalyst Forum 2019

25 Feb 2019

What better way to start off 2019 than to head for Cairns for the wonderful ten year celebration of Project Catalyst so come along for the Annual Grower Forum in Cairns where you can meet up with fellow growers and hear many new ideas.

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Project Catalyst 10 Years old

24 Oct 2018

This week we were in Canberra with some of our North Queensland Project Catalyst sugar cane growers to attend a breakfast celebrating the Project successfully operating for 10 years.

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Home Hill

Farmacist Burdekin Update

14 May 2018

Landholders have their say on the future of Project Catalyst and are updated on numerous trials and presentations including alternate row irrigation, proximal sensing in sugarcane, groundwater.

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Project Catalyst Magazine

24 Feb 2019

The magazine celebrates the ten year anniversary of Project Catalyst and includes numerous case studies and stories from NQ Dry Tropics, Terrain and Reef Catchments.

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DAF article

24 Feb 2019

Timely article from DAF. Evaluating the profitability of management practice change. Lots of information from the economists who have worked closely with growers.

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