Alan and Karen Matsen Trial Progress

Region: Mackay

Who: Alan and Karen Matsen

Location: Mackay

To compare crop nutrient uptake and run off between applying mud Sub-surface vs Surface

Alan and Grant Matsen were wanting to lift their farms productivity through robust sustainable practices, that would ensure the farms future viability for the following generations. While investigating ideas, the Matsens heard about some promising yield results in cereal crops in Victoria, after animal manure had been buried below the surface.

Initially, the Matsens sourced chicken and cow manure for their own farm, however this proved to be economically unviable. Therefore, the decision was made to trial sub surface applied mill mud instead.

The burying of soil ameliorants below the surface of the soil can have the potential to improve soil qualities further down the profile, increase organic carbon levels and potentially expand the top soil and root zone.  The deep placement of ameliorants also reduces the likelihood of run off, promotes microbial activity and has the potential to increase a crops nitrogen use efficiency (NUE).