Daniel and Leanne Cordner

Region: Wet Tropics

Who: Daniel and Leanne Cordner

Location: Townsville

Mixed species cover crops in extended fallow

Daniel and Leanne Cordner had been dreaming about farming life whilst they lived in Melbourne. When Leanne became ill, moving to the tropical north of Queensland was a suggestion from a specialist, who’d witnessed dramatic health benefits to others suffering the same condition. A holiday in Townsville quickly proved beneficial and they made the decision to uproot their city life in pursuit of a better future. Cane farming wasn’t part of their plan, however it has proven to be exactly what they needed to achieve their goals.

140 acres is considered a small sugarcane property and with global prices fluctuating, their decision to pursue the dream of chicken farming has ensured a sustainable income during the past few years.

It hasn’t been without challenges, drought, flood and humidity have all shaped the development of their business.