Daniel Cordner

Region: Wet Tropics

Who: Daniel Cordner

Location: Sunnybank

To see if it is beneficial to use Sommerlad meat chicken in rotation with cane as a viable economic source

The farm will centre around regenerative practices, focusing on the health of everything in the farming system – from financial health aspects to soil, plant and animals. The chickens should provide organic nutrients to soil profile. Chicken manure is an excellent source of phosphorus and this will reduce the need for in-organic sources. Chickens will scratch and forage through the cover crop incorporating plant biomass into the soil profile creating organic matter and improving soil health. Chickens are a profitable income when meat is sold to market. Having an 18mth fallow will break the monoculture of sugarcane and improve soil bio-diversity. Using Bio- fertilizers that are made on farm, will reduce the cost of in-organic fertilizers, as well as benefit soil health.