Darryl Thomsett Trial Progress

Region: Mackay

Who: Darryl Thomsett

Location: Koumala

To Evaluate the use of 6 Easy Steps N Rates on High Organic Carbon % Soils that are low in the landscape

Many growers are apprehensive lowering their Nitrogen rates to the new levels of 6 Easy Steps. This project will be used as an Innovation site to compare the 6 Easy Steps Nitrogen rates to traditional grower standard Nitrogen rates, with the aim of increasing adoption levels.
For the 2017 to 2018 season a new replicated trial site was established with the objectives to:
1. Compare Regulated nitrogen rate to grower standard practice
2. Compare EEF to Non-EEF on soil with poor internal drainage
This trial was a progression from the original trial where the grower wanted to investigate other alternatives to improve nitrogen use in his enterprise.