Mark Savina

Region: Wet Tropics

Who: Mark Savina

Location: Mulgrave Mill

To evaluate the application of anaerobically fermented fungal and bacterial strains to reduce Nitrogen application rates

We are trying to use biology to break down the 10 – 15 t of organic matter (cane trash) that is left on the ground after harvest. We want to use the organic matter to help reduce the amount of synthetic inputs we put in the ground to grow the next crop of cane, with nitrogen as the initial focus.

We want to look at getting biology into the soil initially, the go to using targeted biological amendments to break down the trash. Application timing will be based on first maximising the trash as a weed mat and achieving a canopy (shading).

We additionaly want to look at growing a good cover crop to increase the organic matter and diversity in the soil in our fallow. We would also like to trial Biochar an see where it can fit in an economically rational sense.