Steve Pilla

Region: Burdekin

Who: Steve Pilla

Location: Burdekin

The aim of this trial is to compare the water quality and yield from 3 different fertiliser application methods

While both stool split and side dress applications are currently accepted as regular practice, the implementation of a stool zipper on the back of a stool splitter is a new technology which hopes to minimise the loss of fertiliser through volatilization. The side dresser places fertiliser subsurface on either side of the stool, while the stool splitter places the fertiliser in a band in the centre of the hill. The stool zipper follows behind the stool splitter and focuses on covering the soil behind the stool splitter to provide adequate cover.  The soil type that is present will determine the effectiveness of each applicator.

To date there has been minimal work done of the water quality effects of stool splitting verse side dressing and no work has currently been done on the stool zipper. The trial will compare all 3 treatments and be replicated 4 times across a paddock in a randomised strip block trial design.

Water quality data that will be collected will include a Nitrogen and phosphorus monitoring over a full range of irrigation and rainfall events until deemed necessary.