Wilmar Block 70

Region: Burdekin

Who:Wilmar Block 70

Location: Kalamia

Establish the optimum time to reapply irrigation water following a Metribuzin application

Metribuzin is being widely used in the Burdekin as a replacement to Diuron in Gramoxone mixtures for post emergent weed control. It is particularly effective on controlling larger grass weeds including wild sorghum (sorghum arundinaceum) up to the 4 leaf stage.

Metribuzin was originally introduced to the Sugar Industry by Bayer in 2009 and marketed as Soccer (750g/kg Metribuzin). This product had a stipulation of a 48hr delay for irrigation post treatment. Bayer have discontinued manufacture of Soccer.

ADAMA have recently introduced their Metribuzin product called Mentor (750g/kg Metribuzin). However, this product has no irrigation delay recommendation. In a fully irrigated situation such as the Burdekin, growers need to know the correct time to re-introduce irrigation water to ensure efficacy of the product and to minimise off site impacts.