Joe Linton

Region: Burdekin

Who: Joe Linton

Location: Home Hill, Burdekin

To investigate the potential of the Twin N product in reducing the amount of fertiliser required for Sugarcane production

The Burdekin area has one of the highest yield potentials in regards to the sugarcane industry in Eastern Australia. As a result of this the nitrogen application rate is higher then most regions. Whilst many efforts are being made to reduce the amount of nitrogen applied, as well as the associated reef runoff, nitrogen rates are still high.

There is a product that has been available on the market for many years now that falls under the biofert category. Twin N is a liquid product that is applied to sugarcane which works by injecting nitrogen fixing bacteria into the soil. It is a combination of selected microbial species (Diazotrophs) that act synergistically to increase crop yield by supplying nitrogen and plant growth factors. In addition to providing nitrogen the plant growth factors drive improved root growth that the TwinN treated plants capture any additional applied nitrogen more effectively. The microbes also act to increase the availability of other soil nutrients such as phosphorus that are present but not available for use by the crop.

If the product does what it is claiming to do then there could be some very beneficial savings to be made in regards to fertiliser applications.